Kelsey Pagel CommonGround Kanas

Meet Kelsey Pagel

She and her husband, Matt, are the third generation on his family’s farm near Wetmore, KS. They work with Matt’s parents raising corn, soybeans, wheat, cover crops, chicken and beef cattle.

Kelsey grew up on a first-generation farm and ranch in northeast Kansas where her parents raised cattle, pigs, corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. She left the farm to attend Cloud County Community College and Kansas State University, graduating in 2013. She and Matt were married in October 2013 in her grandmother’s hayfield.

Kelsey says they are living their dream as farmers. They care deeply for their animals and the land, and they’re passionate about producing safe food. Their farm uses holistic management practices, using cover crops to protect and nourish the soil. Kelsey and Matt are constantly learning more about how to use more sustainable practices.

Kelsey joined the CommonGround™ Kansas team in fall 2017. She enjoys sharing stories from her farm because she truly loves it. She also enjoys writing, blogging and fitness activities.

  • Expertise: Biotechnology/GMOs, Local/Organic Foods, Sustainability and Conservation, Animal Ag/Nutrition/Welfare, Animal Ag/Antibiotics, Hormones (in meat and milk), Food Safety, Family Farms vs. Corporate Farms

  • Ag Connections: American Farm Bureau Federation, National Corn Growers Association, National FFA Organization